Event time changes after syncing with gmail calendar

On october 30th daylight saving time ended. From this time when i create an event in emClient (using gmail account), after syncing this ecent with gmail calendar it falls back for 1 hour. For example, i create an event to start at 8:00 and finish at 9:00. When i click Save, emClient creates a task at this time. After a few seconds it falls to start at 7:00 and finish at 8:00.
However if i create an event in gmail calendar (online, using internet browser), emClient imports this event with correct time.

Any ideas how to resolve this?
I’m using eM Client 3.5.

We weren’t able to simulate that. What time-zone do you use?
(As you referred to saving event as task I note that we don’t support google tasks due to their bad support of that.)


I’m in UTC+2:00 Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Tallin, Vilnius.

And I create an event (File>New>Event), not a task (wrongly expressed). Also I send invitation to this event.
The request to event (for the invited person) displays correct time. But in my Calendar view this event goes back for 1 hour (after ~1 second after i click Save>Send Invite.

You can try the solution in topic I sent:
"I installed a cumulative time zone update from Microsoft dated 2008 and the time now remains correct upon sync. It appears there have been several patches since then; there is a cumulative patch in 2010 under MS Knowledge base article 979306. "