I am trying to use the Create Meeting from Message button but I get the error " No Folder Found.  No Suitable folder was found.  Do you want to enable the Local Folders and compelte the Action?"

My configuration is that I use my companies email service which is IMAP.  Then I use a google account for calendar and contacts.  I want to create a calendar event on my google calendar by using the Create Meeting from Message button but I get the error window described above.  

Can you help me get this working…

Hi Pat,

You can go to Tools>Accounts and select your GMail account folder as a calendar folder in “Default Folders”.

Be aware however that this only works on V6, we’re still working on the feature for V7.


That is good to know.  I have already converted to the version 7 and have spent a great deal of time recreating all my rules and categories because they did not convert when I installed the beta.  Is there a time frame for this being corrected in version 7?  I do not want to convert back to 6 and have to re-enter all those rules and categories again…  I appreciate your response.

By the way.  I am a long time outlook user and am really enjoying your product.  The ease of having my different accounts work in 1 spot without another 3rd party software is great!!