Evaluation version restrictions?

I am evaluating eM Clientversion 4.0.x as a replacement for Outlook 2007.

I imported messages and contacts OK but could not export contacts. There was no box to tick to select what to export
I could not find any help on how to back up eM Client data. A topic from 9 months ago said to copy the data folder and the data would be found in a folder under C:/documents and Settings. Unfortunately, that folder is not accessible in Windows 7. That same topic said backup was going to be added but it is not in 4.0.

During account setup I had no option to select POP3 instead of IMAP. Did I miss something?

Are these three shortcomings restrictions on evaluation versions? If so, I think them a poor choice of restrictions since all are critical features for me and I want to test them.

No button or tick box to subscribe to this topic? That means I have to come back here multiple times over possibly multiple days to see if I have an answer. Subscription is a feature of every other community forum like this that I have ever joined. Why is it missing hear?



  1. create a new contact folder and copy your contacts into it - then try to export them again and let me know if it helped. Fix for this will be available in the next update.

  2. in windows 7 is the database located here: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

  3. Click “New account” - Tab Mail - choose Other and click next -> now you can set the account manually.

  1. Where should this new contact folder be located and where should the contacts be copied from? I did a Global search on drive C: and there was no contact folder anywhere except for the Office (or Windows?) folder located at C:/Users.

  2. There is an eM Client folder there. It contains several contact files (as well as several other files)but no contact folders. These files have names such as: contact_data.dat-shm, contact_index.dat-shm and contact_index.dat.wal.

  3. So POP3 is not an option for automatic setup. Will it ever be? (I’m surprised it has not been there from the beginning)

In a reply to a question dated 2011-01-22 Gabriel Staron an employee with eM Client wrote:

"Also note that backup feature will be available with the version 3.0 of eM Client which is planned to be released in the middle of the year. "

It is now about 9 months since “the middle of the year” and eM Client has reached version 4.0.
Can you update us on the status of getting the backup feature added?

By default eM Client setup mail using IMAP. That is not a restrict for the free version. If you are having problem exporting the contact, simply click and drag the contact to a folder in Windows Explorer. It would automatically covert to .vcf file.

Default database folder for eM Client contains everything, including program settings, account configuration, mails, calendar, contacts, etc. When backup, copy everything. Copy selected files would lead to possible database corruption.

What is the name of the database folder? Where is it located? As explained in earlier messages the folder apparently does not exist on my machine.

Apparently I am the only one in the world with this problem as nobody seems to taking my problem seriously and providing complete amswers to my questions.

I am NOT a computer dummy. If I say I searched for and did not find a specific file or folder then either Windows search is screwed up or I was given inaccurate or incomplete information.

If anyone can answer the questions or resolve the problems described in my previous messages I would appreciate it since eM Client is the ONLY product I’ve seen in the last three years that could be a replacement for Outlook 2007 and meet all my email needs.


By default the location of the database are under:
C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Vista/Win7)
C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP)

According to your previous message, you did see the files quote “contact_data.dat-shm, contact_index.dat-shm and contact_index.dat.wal” these are some of the files under the database folder. What is the problem?

If you want to setup in POP3: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

The first thing I do in Windows Explorer is change the view to show system and hidden folders and file extensions. So that is not the problem.

You are correct… I saw FILES not folders. The reference was to the contacts FOLDER. The folder in which I saw those files contained a lot more than contacts.

It appears that I am the victim of poor communication on the part of George Wilson who apparently should have referred to contact FILES within the data folder or to the entire data folder.

At any rate, I will wait for a later version that he said will fix the export problem. Hopefully it will also have the backup feature which appears to have been forgotten by everybody except me.

As explained in previous message as well, every file under the database folder (the folder with all these contact files) need to be copied to somewhere else for backup. The database eM Client using is SQLite, the format is unlikely to change.

Let hope the export future would be implemented soon.

Thank you. I have unsubbed this thread. I’ll wait for the next full version and try again.

I am sorry for the late response - I meant a contact FOLDER in eM Client tree view (in the left column).