Evaluating eM Client - Seeing e-mails from nobody@invalid.invalid.com


I am evaluating eM Client, as I’m considering moving from Mozilla Thunderbird. I imported all the old e-mails from Thunderbird, and that worked fine.

I have begun to see a small number of ‘new’ emails which suggest they have come from the address: nobody@invalid.invalid.com

Thus far I can clearly see that they are spam, but I was wondering if that is what all spam e-mails show up as in eM Client? Or, is there another explanation.

Is there a setting which identifies spam in eM Client, and just moves it automatically into Junk/Trash?

I’m impressed so far, but hope somebody can clarify the above queries.



I’m still on v6, What you see may be a v7 thing. On 6, all spam goes to “Junk E-mail”. 99.9% anyway, and there are no settings to control/regulate that. It’s automatic. I have never seen email from nobody@invalid.invalid.com. That may be new with v7. Any filtering to trap out spam or other objectionable email needs to be done at the server level, which for me is in Yahoo mail. In other words, eMC 6 has no filters like Outlook. Do not know about v7 and filters.

Many people are seeing odd behavior and bugs with 7, so I’m sticking with 6 for a while till the dust settles. I find 6 very, very robust and like it a lot. I used Outlook for many years.

Good luck.

Thanks for your response ejp. The version I downloaded from the eM site is v7. I appreciate the information about your experience so far. As far as I can see, nothing has been sent automatically to junk mail, so far at least. 

I received another couple of nobody@invalid.invalid.com messages again today. They were quite clearly spam e-mails, but both went straight into my normal Inbox. I had to move them from there myself. My ISP (BTInternet) does a fairly good job of filtering most spam messages out, but quite a few still get through.

If anyone has anything to contribute about the ‘nobody’ messages, I would appreciate your input. I never had anything like that with Thunderbird.



This happened also already in version 6. It might be related to a hotmail account. Try to look for other posts in this forum related to nobody@invalid.invalid.

I’ve never used hotmail, so my reply above relates only to ATT/Yahoo email.

Also, I slipped a cog on filtering incoming mail. I forgot about eMClient’s “Rules” feature under Tools. That could be used to trap out regular and consistent spam that your email provider is missing and let you divert it to the folder of choice.