Estonian language detected in an email

Received an email from a friend and there is a note from eMClient that says “Estonian language detected” (see pic below).
This friend writes in English and has a normal US keyboard, and the text in email is all English.
What is eMClient looking at to determine that it is written in Estonian ?

Estonian language detected

Some words cause confusion. I occasionally send my blood pressure readings to my GP, and because the email is essentially a table of readings like Sys.=126 Dia.=77 Pul.=58 with little other text, the translation thinks it is Malay. In this case it is because of the repeated use of the word Dia which in English would be Him or He.


There is nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

Thanks Gary, but the only text in the body of this email is the single word “test”.

It doesn’t show as translatable in a test version of 8.1, so maybe they partially fixed it.

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Thx Gary, I appreciate your help here.
I’m using V7 so will update client… :slight_smile:

8.1 was released today, and that is what I tested it on. Will be interested to hear if it is fixed or still shows the same for you.

Is it avail for download now ?
And will it pick up my v7 settings when I install it ?

Ok, I downloaded v8.1 of eMClient and installed.
It picked up all my settings, etc. from v7 - so that is good.
However, when I deactivate the “temp” license and use my old key it works but shows it as temporary until January.
Do I need to wait till then or is there a way to get it to show as permanent now ?

It may just be a temporary license server issue. There was something similar when version 8 was released.

As long as you can use eM Client, I would wait a while and see what happens.

Ok, Gary… works for me… :wink:
Thanks again for all the great assistance.
Be well,

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