errrors sending emails

I have six accounts and only my is working correctly… I have used the diagnostics to check and set correct setting for each account and em always successfully sends a test emai;… all emails receive correctly but if I use any email account to send emails the non outlook emails all fail and dont end the email… the log looks like below… anyone know how to fix this???



10:35:21 [email protected] [SMTP]  Connecting: To [email protected]
10:35:21 [email protected] [SMTP]  Connected: To [email protected]
10:35:21 [email protected] [SMTP]  Sending messages
10:35:21 [email protected] [SMTP]  Sending messages: Recipient address ‘[email protected]’ not accepted due to the following reason:
10:35:21     "5.7.0 Relay Denied Invalid Recipient
10:35:21 "
10:35:21   MailClient.Storage.Application.ItemOperationException: Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server.)

Relay Denied error can be that you have the wrong SMTP sending server settings in your email program for those accounts, or it can happen due to sending email via another mail server outside your current ISP.

I would first check with (your domain) server technical support what SMTP settings are required to send via their mail server. Eg You might need a specific SMTP Port & SSL setting apart from your domain username & password.

If that’s all ok for those accounts, then I would try eg configuring those specific accounts with your own ISP SMTP mail settings to see if that then works. Check with (your ISP) technical support for those settings.

If you have a Registered Paid Pro version of Emclient, then you can also contact Emclient support via the support page at the top of the following link for help.