Errors with attachments

I’ve had this problem on several occasions - if I’m sent a Word document as an attachment Word says that the file is damaged & cannot be opened. The files can be downloaded & opened using my Yahoo webmail, so they’re not actually damaged. I’m using 7.1.31849.0

If you right-click on the attachment and save as, can it then be opened with Word?

No. Sorry, should have added that in the beginning!

I was wondering because I had a couple of instances where the attachment would not open directly from within eM Client, but when I saved it, it opened just fine. I have not seen the problem again for some time.

Are you using IMAP?

Yes - IMAP

Is this problem associated with a specific sender, or with all emails containing Word document attachments?

When you open the attachment in Yahoo webmail, is it using your installed MS Word, or is it opening the file in the browser?

Possibly just with a specific sender - someone who’s a club secretary & sending from a club website webmail account rather than his own personal one. I’m using my installed Word 2016 (I have the subscription version). I’ll see if any of the other recipients have the same problem & also get the secretary to send me other files to see what happens.

Well, Word should be able to open it from eM Client if it can open it from Yahoo webmail. If it is just from one sender then it is more confusing!

If you have a Pro License, you might consider opening a support ticket for this.