errors, time outs, slow sync and message downloading

I have over the past couple months been experiencing very slow refresh/syncing and downloading of messages using eMclient with my Hotmail account. Sometimes it clears up and sometimes it persists for hours/days. Logging into my Hotmail from a web browser I can check my mail without issue. Any help clearing this up would be great.

same issue here… I think we should start looking for another app because I have already posted this issue here and haven’t got any reply so far… 

ugh, that’s not very reassuring… I was really beginning to like this app too.

I’ve see the same thing on for the past month.  Googling of the issue seems to point to an excessively large data file, but then I find at 3G mine is way smaller than the size people say is problematic. Double digits is supposed to be a potential problem area. I also created a new temp account with no change except that it got me back in the dreaded mode with constant login popup boxes saying my password is wrong. It is not as I can still send/receive email.  This is even after I deleted the new temp account.  This is why I bailed on Outlook years ago in favor or eMC. 

This is because Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, has made it very difficult for IMAP email clients to access their accounts.  This is not specific to eM Client, but affects every (non-Microsoft) email clients.  For best results, create a NEW account as an Exchange account.  Go to menu/tools/accounts and click on the “+” sign to add an account.  Do NOT use automatic setup, but instead click on mail and select Exchange.  Be sure to use your full email address as the account name.

This is probably the most discussed issue on this forum, all with the same message-- use an Exchange account.  This is no doubt why you have not received a reply.

I’ll give that a try. thank you.


after following the steps you provided and using emclient with my hotmail account it appears that my issue has been cleared up, no errors, issues downloading emails, normal refresh speeds. 

Thank you :-) 

You are so welcome.  Went on the (also switched over to Exchange) forums today and everybody is complaining about this-- regardless of which email client they are using.  Glad I don’t have those issues with Gmail.

Thank you Jay!  : )

How does a private individual do this working out of a home office. No IT dept, no exchange server, no corporation? Just a retired guy alone with his PC?

It won’t let me do it as it can’t find my exchange account. Duh, there is no account to find.

I have my email through ATT/Yahoo ( or

This problem is not confined to hotmail accounts for me, I have another  non Microsoft imap account that hangs, shows new mail but will no longer load and open the actual email or shows blank contents (failed to connect to server)
Yet Win 10 mail client will load the non MS email without a problem.
I am now looking for yet another (free) alternative client that allows more than one account.