errors syncing with virgin media

After updating to Win 10 and new computer I had no email program. Tried using my V Media home page but unhappy with this. Looked for advice and came across eM, I like it, but it often/nearly always hangs up syncing with V Media. Lots of error operations to do with marking as spam, followed by seizing up and having to close down and restart. Seems the error reports are to do with the way V Media reacts when messages reported as SPAM can I overcome this?

I’m presuming you have Virgin media mail which you can login to on the VM homepage, is there not a setting for which is spam and which email is genuine- you can set rules for?

Failing the above,  you can set spam rules filter in the eM client program, goto Menu>Tools>Rules


VM spam rules.

This is one of the things that does not work (apart from not always being able to get in and other problems since their ‘improvements’ last year) on the VM site. I had one of their guys trying to sort this for me but he failed. I wanted a resident programme because of these problems. I will continue to use eM as I can always resolve the situation with ‘task manager’ but even then it is a nuisance as I have to wait for eM to do a series of checks because ‘it was not closed down properly’.

Menu Tools Rules

I have of course (because it was one of the reasons I reconfigured - I wanted to get rid of spam) done as you say. The problem seems to be that eM Client seems to report these as spam to VM and get locked up with ‘Operation failures’ when it does so as VM reports that the change is not possible. What it needs is either eM not to send these spam reports to VM or not to get locked up on the error reports when it does.


VM is the cause of the problem, but eM should not lock up even so. The problem with VM is even worse when I am abroad. Using their home page is impossible with the slow broadband available and I used a gmail account last time. This worked reasonably well but I was hoping that, now I had found eM, I would be able to use it both here and abroad.