Errors in french translation

Hi, I’ve found 4 errors with the french translation.

On the top of emclient you have the option watch reply, in french “surveillez les réponses” in first in the end of “surveillez” it’s not e Z but a R (surveiller it’s correct) and also you have 2 times de same text “m’avertir s’il n’y a pas une réponse”

A another error with the right clic

For facility I copy 4 screenshots with the good correction/differences


Have a good day


Thank you for reporting, we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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I forgot one… when you are in the folder “watch reply” on the top it’s a similar error.
I copy a printscreen for facility :wink:


Have a good day

Unfortunately despite the update the errors in French aren’t corrected :frowning_face:

It should be corrected in version 8.1.1060, which is now available for download:

Once again, thanks for reporting it.

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Perfect, all is fine !
we can close this topic :+1:

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