Errors every time my computer wakes from sleep

Every time I wake my computer from sleep (which is often, because I never actually turn off my MacBook)  I have errors from eM Client.  

This doesn’t happen occasionally. This happens every single time.

The errors differ but here is a good sampling of the ones I’ve got today each time I’ve woken the computer from sleep.

Has anyone else encountered these or similar issues?  I’m using G-Suite IMAP with eM Client on Mac (which I assume lots of other people do as well).


Do you think this may be because eM Client is trying to contact the server before your computer has re-established the network connection?

I guess it could be.  I never saw these kinds of errors with outlook  (but that could be because I used POP with outlook)

I seem to be having the same issue. Every time my laptop wakes from sleep, em-client greets me with a list of errors. Alle seem to be related to the connection.
So has this been resolved?