Getting The Follwing an Error when Opening EM Client:

System.IO.IOException: Il processo non può accedere al file perché è in uso da un altro processo.    in System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)    in System.IO.__Error.WinIOError()    in System.IO.File.InternalMove(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean checkHost)    in DbRepair.CorruptionChecker.CheckCorruption(RepairOptions repairOptions, CancellationToken token)    in DbRepair.CheckingProcess.Check(CancellationToken token) Data: databaseFile: edaa033f-c7dc-48d6-9d8f-21f1b1d732be\230e5358-2b03-46a8-82b8-7571a9571cb0\mail_data.dat

Very ofter this progam write that Emclient is not shut down properly, but I do nothing unusual so I do not understand why this happen!

Looks like a corrupt database.  If this is an IMAP account, probably the best solution is to delete the account and recreate the account again.  It will resync itself after you set up the new account.

They have had issues with databases not shutting down properly, causing the scan to run at start-up.  Apparently, this has been fixed in an upcoming version.  In the mean time, be sure to close eM Client prior to shutting down Windows.  Also, I have seen where other programs (notably AV software) keeps the database open for a period of time after closing eM Client.  Waiting a few seconds after closing eM Client and shutting down Windows might help this.

Yes, last week I ran a test on the current unreleased version, and of 35 Windows shutdowns with eM Client running, there were ZERO database checks on open. So we are all looking forward to the next release, if for no other reason than this. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this.  I’m sure I will continue with my somewhat OCD behavior of shutting down apps prior to closing windows…