Error with Google Contacts

eM Client was working fine for months and suddenly i get a error while synch with Gmail.

I tried lots of thinks but keeps comming.

  1. Remove eM Client and Accounts.
  2. Remove all my Gmail contacts
  3. Installed eM Client 6 again and setup Gmail without Contacts. Still Error.
    Strange part is that when i have 0 contacts error is still there.
  4. Import my Gmail account in Gmail again.

eM Client contacts stay empty now with this error.

Because logfile is not possible to copy (why not?) i made a printscreen. Email adres i wipe of course.

An after 3 weeks of problems today suddenly it is working again

Hi, this issue was solved in newest update, it started to work for you with or without updating?


I was working again without updating

Of course Google can also have changed their software which can influence e-mail clients like eM Client…