Error when sending but send anyway.

Good Morning!

I use emClient with only one account in IMAP mode with synchronized folders.

Whenever I write a new email, or responding, when I will send the message, the error message below appears, and the composition screen remains open:

"Could not process the message because the error below occurred. Consider selecting a different account to post.

Folder has been deleted."

However, email is correctly sent, despite the above message. And de composition window remains opened, as the message was unsent.

Anyone had this problem and know how to solve it?

I have had the same problem, but usually when posting messages that involve embedded images, attachments or considerable editing of text.  I have more than two twenty accounts, but only send from a few.  This occurred most often on a gmail account, but that’s because I use that one more than the others.  I have reported this problem to support.  Sometimes the message is sent despite the error message, but at other times it is not and I have to start all over.

My problem occurs when I type long messages regardless contain attachments or images. In a quick response, even with an attachment, there is no problem. But what I feel is that when the auto saving system in drafts works, occurs. After 3 minutes of writing (auto saving time), the problem occurs.

You don’t mention what type of account it is, but if it’s a Gmail account is it possible you don’t have the Drafts folder checked as “Show in IMAP” in your Gmail options? This might prevent emclient from auto-saving.