Error syncing Google calendar

I recently noticed that some calendar appointments which appear on my eMC calendar are not appearing on my Google calendar when viewed through the browser.  The following error is being recorded by eMC calendar.

Uploading items to folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Invalid sequence value. The specified sequence number is below the current sequence number of the resource. Re-fetch the resource and us it’s sequence number on the following request.

I have tried to Repair my calendar folder to no avail. I am using version 7.0.30068.0

Please help,

I’ve been having all kinds of syncing errors with Google Calendar.
I don’t even use it, but I still get the errors. 
Can I tell EM to stop trying to sync Google Calendar entirely? 


This is a much needed feature for me, as I do extensive use of sync between multiple terminals (laptop, smartphones, tablets). Is it possible to sync eM calendar(s) with my Google account?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes, it syncs just fine for me.  If you use version 7.0.x, however, I think y9ou have to manually refresh to sync.  This was fixed in version 7.1.x.

Also, the OP was using the 30068 version, which had many problems and was eventually pulled by eM Client.

OK, thanks Jay, I’ll give it a try!