Error syncing Google calendar

I am experiencing an error when syncing my google calendar. The problem is happening only when syncing the label “main calendar” and I’m receiving an error message saying “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”

Hi, so have I understood right that this is happening only when you are synchronizing user made calendar folder?

Has this started to happen after you have created some event?


No, the problem is with the default calendar folder. It is the main one which i never renamed. There are no problems with the folders created by me. I am suspecting some events in the “main calendar” might be causing the error because when i make a clone of this folder with a different name, the newly created custom folder also alerts. As an extra info i have so many events created according to the local time zones of different countries. For example im living in the States and having appointments in europe and the events are in eastern european time…

have you imported these event from any other email client by any chance?

Anyway I might be able to tell which are causing this issue if you will check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that use “send logs…” to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.


Same problem here. Can I send you my logs too?