Error saving xml theme

I’m running eM Client version 7.0.30068.0 on Windows 10 and get an error when trying to save a theme by choosing Menu>Tools>Settings, selecting Appearance>Themes, and clicking on Advanced then Save current theme as … followed by clicking on the Save button in the _Save as _window.

The error reads:  An error occurred when saving the theme. Saving failed due to the following error: “There was an error generating the XML document.”.

Any ideas?

I am getting the same error with the DARK theme.  Using Windows 7 x64 and the same eMclient version.

Try upgrading to 30240 by going here:

30068 had issues and has actually been pulled.


Downloaded and installed 3024 2 because that was the one the discussion thread linked to - same issue.

I am actually using the 7.1 beta 2 and have no issues with this.

7.1 beta 2 doesn’t install successfully for me so I had to retreat to 30242. With any luck it will be fixed when they release the next minor revision. Thanks for your help.

Thanks but upgrading to 30242 did not work.  :(

Howe do I install 7.1 beta 2?

Go here:…

I have had very good luck with this beta.

Sorry, that link doesn’t work too well.  Go to this thread…