Error on installation

I get an error message immediately after clicking install - see screenshot

Maybe try turning off your anti-virus software and if that does not work, try downloading the setup file again. Perhaps it became corrupted during download.

Thanks but I tried both of those things but didn’t do any good. I also got the little registry cleaner (which is a great little utility) to tidy up the registry, but that didn’t help either. I run Windows 10, so maybe that’s the problem

Hello Andrew,
eM Client can definitely be installed on Windows 10.
Are you able to install other software from MSI files?
Is your Windows Installer up to date? Please try updating it.

If even that does not help, we will need Windows Installer logs.
These must be created from Windows Command line.
Steps to create these logs are rather nicely explained here -
When you manage to create these please please send them to
Attach a link to this forum thread to the message, please.