Error notice about synchronizing feeds (which I haven't set up)

I am new to eM Client and I am getting the following error message repeatedly popping up in an “Operations” window (about every 10 minutes):

Synchronizing folder ‘[my email address]/Directory/’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: (Temporary problem - please try again later.)

My email account is in the domain, which is serviced by Google (as
Gmail). I am guessing that with “feeds” as part of the URL, it has something to do with getting RSS feeds, but I haven’t set any of those up.

How do I make these messages stop?


this is a contacts synchronization issue that has been fixed in the latest available release, try to search for updates for eM Client (Help>Check for updates) or download the version here >…

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I already have version 6.0.23421. I installed eM client for the first time just last Wednesday. Any other possibilities?


HI Katherine,
Try going to the Contacts in the left side menu and open the Folders under your gmail account.
There should be a folder called Directory.
Right click it and choose Properties > Repair and run the Repair on this folder.

The feed in the link doesnt mean anything about RSS, important part is actually the / gal / - Global Address List. That’s how you know the synchronization issue is with Contacts, but full resync (the repair mentioned above) on that folder should fix this issue.
Or it could be just a temporary thing on google’s server again, for which I suggest trying the resync again after a while to give them some time to fix it.

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Hi Olivia,
Well, that was certainly the source of the problem. Thanks! Twice, I tried to do the repair, and nothing readily apparent happened when I clicked the button, so I clicked “Ok” and then the eM Client dialog box froze (with the “(Not responding)” eternal message). Each time (after a while), it gave me the Windows warning as to whether I wanted to wait for eM Client to respond or just quit the program.

My current solution is just to turn off the contacts list/directory for that email address. I have all my personal contacts in a second email account, and the umich one is a centrally maintained giant database of all university email accounts (staff, students, alumni, etc.). I don’t mind not having that synced. I wonder if the size of the database was the source of the problem/hang up?

Anyway, I don’t need additional help at the moment, but I thought you’d want to share the buggy behavior with your tech team. Again, thank you for solving the problem for me. So far, so good!