Error messages

I know this problem is quite common and has been discussed before, but I would love some help with the following issue. I keep receiving the “an error occurred” pop up messages about the synchronising of a folder. Is there a way to stop these?

An error occurred

Synchronizing folder ‘’s calendar/’ failed due to the following error: The remoter server returned an error:(503) Server Unavailable

Under Menu --> Tools --> Settings --> General, look in Operations section of the General menu. If “Show window when an error occurs” is checked, try unchecking it. This might well prevent the messages, though I don’t expect it will cure the errors. 

In my experience–it would be interesting if the eMC folks could confirm this–there are a number of errors that show up in these error message windows that, for whatever reason, seem to make no difference to functionality.

Hope this helps . . .

Thanks so much for that advice. I did as instructed and now several hours have passed by and no message pop up has come. Looks like it’s fixed!

As I mentioned, I’m not at all sure this fixes the errors. But at least it prevents eMC from sending the notifications.

I’d be curious to know how many other users are getting notifications of errors that don’t really interfere with the functionality of eMC.

I’m just pleased I’m not still getting those pesky pop ups. Everything seems to be working fine with eMC, so as you’ve pointed out, the error does not seem to impact on operational status. 

Mine is fixed now, too!   My question now is why are there errors in the first place.  Most of the errors are blocking spam, but some are actually legit e-mails.  Some are with attachment.  Any insight??

Hello Maree,
your mail works because the error states that the issue is with your calendar.
If that is not a problem for you, you can keep the error pop ups just hidden. (So, no issue has been fixed with it, you just hid the error notifications).
If you want to resolve it, I believe you would have to set up your account with Exchange mail protocol to get the Calendar working.