Error message

I get a contunal error report telling me Emclient has an error. There are no specifics to the message. I have recently upgraded Emclient

Can you provide a screenshot of the error message?

By the way, upgrading to what version?

Mmm - not sure - where can I find that info?

Hmmm, never seen that one before. You weren’t kidding when you said “no specifics”  What type of account (IMAP, POP3, Exchange)?  Are you able to receive and send messages?

Go to menu/help/about and it will show the version number.

Could try  Control panel/program features    find emclient and see if it has a repair option
also how long after upgrade before this error  immediately or days later

I upgraded to version 7.0.28822.0 recenlty. i think this started straight afterwards. Until today it has not stopped me sending and receiving emails but at the moment I seem to not be able to download anythingfrom and email. I am connected to 4 email accounts - 3 are imap and one is exchange.

try disable exchange account to see if it works without it

The repair seems to have solved the problem so far. i’m sure the exchange account has an impact sometimes so i’ll try this if I get the problems again.