Error message when I try to add new contacts

Hi There

Has anyone experienced the following error recently:

[Google Contacts]Creating or updating folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: (Cannot update a system group)

It has been appearing for a few week prior to the new version of emclient.

Any help much appreciated

What version of em Client are you on?

Sounds like it’s a problem from Google. you tried to do something that’s impossible (updating a system group) and now the syncing process is stuck trying to do the impossible thing.

The best way to deal with such errors is to remove and then re-add your account to eM Client. Then it will stop trying to do the impossible thing.

Version 8 - the problem appeared in version 7

If I remove the gmail account will the contacts disappear?

yes the contacts will disappear unless you copy them to another account’s folder (or the local folders) but once you re-add the account, they will be imported back.