Error message on startup

When I set up an account, emClient creates a n account with only an inbox folder.  In this inbox is a trash folder, a sent items folder, a drafts folder and sometimes others.  So when I try to send or delete a message from my inbox there is no trash or sent folder in the account and emClient gives an error - [IMAP] Unable to create folder “account name/trash/” on the server. (invalid mailbox name).
This error repeats every time I start up.  A trash folder is created in the account but has an error symbol against it.
Why does the folder not get created at account setup?
How can I move the trash/sent folders into the right place?
Many thanks in anticipation,

Sometimes eM Client does not recognize the Trash folder on the server because it may be named differently.

You can check if a Trash folder is associated in your account settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the IMAP folder you may have to chose the name as is given on your server.

If you have any problems, let us know who your email provider is, and maybe someone can help you out with their own settings.

My accounts settings are as in your screenshot example (except for junk - mine is junk e-mail).  The problem is when I set up the account it does not create the sent/drafts/trash folders under the account - instead they are created under account/inbox.  This means that the first time I need to use any of them they are not there and they are created… but not until the error message is displayed.
Sent messages may then appear in either of the sent folders (under account or under account/inbox).  Similarly with trash - but these are deleted on shutdown anyway. The sent/draft/trash folders under account are all marked with the red error triangle, and every time I start emClient it checks for these folders and gives a new error log.
If it helps, my ISP is Plusnet.

IMAP is simply syncing what is on the server. So if the folder structure on the server is one way, that is what eM Client will duplicate.

You could remove the account from eM Client then add it again to see if there is any difference.

Hi Gary,
Got that tee-shirt.  I have tried repairing the installation, loading the latest program on a different machine, deleting and reinstalling accounts.  (The next step will be to start using Outlook!!!)  The problem is still with me.

Remove the account from eM Client. In the web interface, if you moved the emails to the correct folders, then deleted the sub-folders of Inbox, what happens when you add the account to eM Client again? Does it recreate the sub-folders?

I’ve tried that - restart is fine but as soon as I start deleting mails or sending mail the errors return.

And you don’t have the problem with another email client?

No.  Thunderbird and outlook both work fine.
The main obstacle to retuning to one of them is not being able to get my local folders back from emClient.

Unfortunately I have no experience with Plusnet, and it is not like I can create an account for myself there to test it.

If you want to move back to Outlook or Thunderbird, you can export your local folders.

emClient only exports .eml files which are not readable by thunderbird or outlook

Both Thunderbird and Outlook can open .eml files.

Thunderbird is the easiest to import large quantities because you don’t need any additional add-ons to do that. Simply drag-and-drop the .eml files from Explorer into your folder. If you prefer, you can also use a very hand add-on called ImportExportTools.

I don’t have much experience with Outlook, but I know there is an add-on to import .eml. It is quite odd because Outlook can open individual .eml files, and can export to .eml, but not directly import them.