Error message on delete

I am getting an error message when I am trying to delete emails…“Cannot add items to virtual folder”
I have never gotten this message before. I got a new computer and installed fresh, now I am getting this error message when trying to delete emails.

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I just started getting this message today (7/7/2020) also.

I started receiving the same message when I click the Delete button or push the delete key. I can, however, drag an email to the trash folder. This is happening on only 1 of my 3 gmail accounts. I deleted the account from emclient and added it back, but the issue is still happening.

UPDATE (July 9, 2020): New symptoms: After restarting em client earlier this morning, the delete button appeared to delete email, but it actually just removed the “Inbox” label (the “deleted” email is still visible in “All Mail”). After a couple hours, the “Cannot add items to virtual folder” message came back when the delete button is clicked.