Error Message mf-206

Seems no email is sent as my account is ‘suspended due to abuse’. How can I fix this?

A couple of questions. Did this error message come as a emClient error message or an email back after you sent an email? If it came as an email, then this is an ISP (internet service provider) or whomever is providing you your email service message. And you will have to contact them and ask them why they have prevented you from sending and they will help you clear it up.

If the message is from emClient, I am not sure how to help.

Thanks for the feedback. I have already checked with local provider and it’s an eMail Client problem it seems. I can receive but not send. I recently upgraded to Pro which maybe caused an issue…

Sending messages with an suspended account is logically not possible. Your local provider should be able to find out what kind of abuse leads to this situation. “It seems” is not a technologically right answer. Might be that there is a miscounting in your configuration that leads into this abuse?