Hi Em Client team,
I have error everytime i synchronize the email fm gmail.
Error mssg as my picture below .

I can still use the email, its updated every email in and out, but this mssg is always shown when send and rcv, and its annoying.
Pls let me know what’s wrong and how to fix?


I have the same problem. I already deleted my account in eM Client and added it again. It was OK for one day and then the message came back again. Also my customers who I recommended eM Client are starting to complain they receive this error message. 

Thanks to another post on this board, I could solve the issue.
The problem occurs at your contact persons.

Go to Contacts, open the account for which you receive the message.
You’ll see a folder called Directory. Right click on it and choose Properties.

Go to Repair and click on the Repair button.

Problem solved.

Hello Vieny,
the correct fix is just as Dries shows above.
If that doesn’t work for you, you can also try removing and re-adding your gmail account from eM Client.

Best regards,