error message contacting the server

 get this error 10 times per day and no clue how to stop it.



Click on the Open Account Settings, and then go to the Diagnose Tab. See if Diagnose changes anything.

Did nothing to resolve.  attached after diagnostics run.

Does anyone at EM client care.  Do they look at this site.  Has to be an answer.

This is a community support site, where you will get comments from other users. If you require a response from eM Client Inc. you need to open a support ticket directly with them.

did nothing

Sent EM client email waiting for answer.

EM Client sent me back to the community and no one in the community has an answer.  EM Client suggested problem was associated with security software.  The error only happens after I have suspended connection (closed the cover on my laptop).  Still no answer.

If you are using eM Client for business use, then you need to purchase a Pro License, which  will give you access to dedicated VIP support directly with eM Client.

If you are using eM Client for personal use only, then you can use a Free License. That also means you only have support offered by this forum. Here, other users will offer comments and suggestions, but may not have experienced the same issue as you. That means that you might not be able to resolve the issue. But for personal use, that might not be such a big thing, considering that you get an otherwise fantastic email client for free.