Error message after update on version 7

Good morning from munich! I have been using the em client for a long time without any problems. today I started the update and have now the version 7.0.27943.0

I use the em client with my googlemail account which has been transfered correctly. But there are no mails in the mailboxes. The send/receive button does not work, there is always an error message that the googlemail folder “all messsages” is deactivated and that the syncronisation can not be done - PERHAPS because of this folder?! I have nothing changed in my googlemail account - so the settings are absolutely the same as 15 minutes ago as I worked with the “old” version.

Thanks for your help and regards from germany,

Hello Moritz,

Please go to your Gmail webmail settings -> Labels and make sure the “show in IMAP” checkboxes is checked next to the ‘All mail’ folder.