Error in HTML while trying to apply license

Error in HTML while trying to apply license after doing the proxy config fix.

I ran into the proxy error situation while trying to license my install of EMClient.  I researched the issue, and applied the new config.  After this, the software will successfully check for updates, but when I try to apply the Free license, I get the following error:

At least, I think it’s an error.  How to fix?

Hello David, what kind of config fix, did you find a link to one of our tools here on the forum?

Please note eM Client does not support proxy configuration with authentication option unless you’re using Windows credentials to authenticate, are you using windows authentication with your proxy server?

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Yes, I got the new config file here, for the fairly common proxy error.   Windows domain authentication for the proxy. 

Hello David, I’ve checked with one of our developers regarding this option, but unfortunately based on this error it seems like the proxy server is performing redirection that is not supported by our server, thus you can not connect to the licensing server. This is unfortunately not an application issue, however you should be able to resolve the problem by setting up an exception for our licensing system and our website.

[e]( "Link http//wwwemclientcom/")

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