Error in em client?


I’ve watched this with em Client and think it’s a bug?

Web pages can also be entered in the contacts.

This also works well, as long as the entry starts with “www” or “http”, one clicks on the website entry in the contacts, one succeeded to the right page.

However, starts the entry with “https” and clicks it on happens following. Standard browser opens and if you look closely, the colon is missing from the address line.

So it only says "https//, but would be correct and therefore the page is not displayed.

I have observed this with all entries that are stored in this format in the contacts.

I also checked carefully whether the entry in the contacts is OK, but what it is.

Can anyone understand that?

Thank you very much.


Yes, it is clear. I had the exact same issue with the colon being dropped.

I can confirm this has already been fixed, and will be in the 8.1 release.

As a workaround for 8.0.x, you can just remove the https:// from the address in the contact.

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Thank you.
Is there already a release date for 8.1?

Not that I know of, but I don’t think it is far off.

Keep an eye on the Release History for details.

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Hello Gary,

Excuse me, this post is not related to the topic of this post :blush:.

Version 8.1 (for Windows) seems to give the eM Client a second chance for me at first sight today.
What I notice: The backup (zip) file created in version 8.1.609 seems to be much bigger than the one created in version 8.0.x - is this a bug or has something been fixed?

Version 8.1 can be unlocked in the license manager of the Pro Version - activate “Test”. Then search for updates in eM Client. ATTENTION: NOT suitable for productive use - for testing purposes only.

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The database structure often changes with version updates, and it may be that there is something different in the 8.1 database structure to cause a size difference. But I really don’t know.

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