Error: Execution of request failed

I keep having this error:

[Google Contacts]A criação ou actualização da pasta ‘[email protected]/Contacts/Friends’ falhou devido ao seguinte erro: Execution of request failed: (Cannot update a system group)

This error message as something to do with synchronizing the contacts folder. It started after i decide to delete the contact group Friends (wich wasn´t deleted)

Any knows what it is?

I opened a support ticket for this after I tried to delete the Coworkers folder and got the same error.

Support said that it is a Gmail system folder which they are unable to control, so offered no solution.

I found that it can be fixed only by removing the Google account from eM Client, then adding it again. The folder will re-appear when you add the account, but as long as you don’t try and remove it, there will be no problem.