Error decoding Subject

It looks like there is a problem with decoding Subjects. Here is an example:
=?UTF-8?Q?“Elektrowerkzeuge_Vorarlberg”_hat?= =?UTF-8?Q?_9_neue_Anzeigen_f=C3=BCr_dich_gefunden?=

The subject is displayed like this, while the strings should be decoded with UTF-8 and the result should be displayed.

Many Greetings!

Other Subjects are decoded properly. The difference I recognized is in this coding UTF-8 is written in caps, while in the working Subjects it’s utf-8 in lower case.

Is this problem with messages coming from a specific email client?

Up until now the problem only occurs with mails from one website.

I was just remembering something from some time back. Can’t find the post now, but there was an issue where the subjects were not correct when viewed from a specific IMAP server, but when viewed from Local Folders they were correct.

This could be the same issue as the message you sent me looks just fine when viewed from a Local Folder.