Error connecting to IMAP/GMAIL

I have eM Client on my private notebook and I am fairly satisfied. I tried to test it on my new notebook but it fails continually to sync my mails to my servers. I deleted my exchange account because I switched to the free license. But the following errors still occur:

But the diagnostic tells me everything is okay:

And in the protocol there is the following:

I would like to buy an additional license for my new notebook, but if it doesn’t work, then I can’t do it…

My machine is:
Windows 10 Pro with all updates

What to do?

One thing to try, which will ensure you have the same eM Client settings on both laptops, is to backup on the old one and restore on the new one.

If that does not work, then the problem is most likely not with eM Client. Try disabling the antivirus and any firewall on your new laptop and see if that works.