Erased email from gmail

I am a premium user.

Last night I was importing email into eM Client from a pst file. All of the sudden I lost everything!

After doing a search of the “Local” eM Client folder (C:\Users\f****\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Local Folders)
I see that there are multiple large .dat files. I’m hoping those can be restored to get my mail back.

You would have four options then to restore your mailbox.

If you have been doing regular eM Client .zip backups either manually via “Menu / Backup” or automatically via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”, then you can restore the latest backup via “Menu / File / Restore”. The files are in your profile “Documents / eM Client” folder.

Or if you have been doing regular copies or images of your profile including your hidden folders onto an external drive, you could just restore that manually back to your \AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder.

Next if you have configured your Gmail account as a normal IMAP account, then you could just remove and re-add the account via the automatic email wizard via “Menu / Accounts” and all your email will come back from the server end. You can then re-import your .pst file again.

Lastly if its erased from the Gmail online end and no longer in your Gmail trash folder online, then contact Google to see if they can possibly restore your mailbox at their end.