eport-import function is completely without professional thought ... (ff'd up)

I’ve exported my 7 different calendars and just imported them back but they were merged into 1 calendar
Just 2 days ago I was thinking of buying a licence , today I’m thinking of abandoning Em-client and start using MS Outlook again.
I hjaven’t even imported other segments but I expect the same dumb-fucked coding-errors

This is not a coding error, it is a limitation of the ics file format. There is no option in that syntax for other data like source folder.

There are two options to export events. The first exports all events to a single file. So if you selected more than one calendar folder, they would all have been exported together in a single file. The second option exports events to separate ics files, which are saved in separate folders corresponding to those in the calendar.

I already found an option to buy a full licenced MS office for 56 dollars