Enhancements for rules


I’ve posted already some highly anticipated enhancements for rule definition and execution and would like to add some more wishes that would make emClient rules better for the daily usage:

  1. Since rules do not automatically apply to messages that were already read on a differenct device, I still can apply rules manually. I would appreciate if the final dialog, that one with the progress bar, would automatically disappear or at least include a checkbox to close itself after applying the rules. I find it very disturbing, when I’ve to apply the rules myself and I’ve to close the progressbar dialog each time.

However, I’ve already opened a ticket and asked to reconsider the current rules execution behaviour when receiving e-mails that emClient does not already have in its internal storage, see Ticket #18014 for those who can access it.

  1. Please include more customizeable toolbar buttons and for this matter one that I can use to quickly apply rules. Right now it’s very uncomfortable to use the account folders context menu and click on Apply Rules. You should know that I’ve plenty of accounts and do execute rules on different folders many times.

  2. One of my “old” wishes: While defining a rule I would like to have and / or conditions to define more complex rules.

  3. Once again an old wish: Currently I can set up a rule for invocation when a message was sent or received. However, there are situations where I need both conditions in one rule. This way I don’t have to create two rules for the very same situations. Together with 3) this would make unbeatable rules, you know :wink:

  4. Again an “old” wish and already mentioned above: the rules should run not only when an unread message arrives but upon start of emClient the rules should always be applied when a message is not already in the internal database.

  5. Searchable rules: a small edit box on top of all rules to filte for a rule’s name. This search should use " contains" as a search condition. This way I could use parts of a rule’s name to find my rules - I’ve 50 rules and more right now and it’s quite a PITA to scroll through the list to find the right one.

  6. Again the rule list: when clicking on the Name column it should temporarily sort the list. After closing the dialog it should return to the previous sorting order because of the rules execution order.

  7. Drag and Drop in the rules list. So far I can use move up and down. I additionally would like to have D&D.

  8. This applies to 8), too: Multiselection for rules to move them up or down at once.

Quite a long list, I know, but believe me there is still much room for enhancements to make emClient even more userfriendly :wink:


Hi Michael, sorry for my belated reply, thank you for the suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider improving this for future releases of eM Client.
However as to #4, and I believe I’ve implied this during our recent communication on the PRO support. If both conditions are matched, both conditions should apply.

Thank you,


as time goes by and hopefully version 7 is approaching, please remember those enhancements to the current rules system.

Those features are badly needed for the daily work and would greatly give emClient a more professional look and feel.


Add to this list:

  1. Manual execution of rules to test a single rule’s definition. See https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…

  2. Possibility to assign a shortcut for a single rule. See https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…

  3. Add a Do Not Show Again checkbox to the rules final execution message, see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…


While version 7 is approaching, are there any news about those enhancements. Please consider posting not only new features on Facebook but enhancements, too - hopefully enhancements like those here.



Some more enhancements for rules:

  1. Copy an existing rule to a new one, just stumbled over this one 'cause I needed a new rule similar to an existing one. This is also needed because when creating a rather complex rule and setting up many e.g. many e-mail addresses in a sent to condition I have to add this exhaustive e-mail list again and again in similar rules.

  2. I’ve plenty of rules now, guess about 90 maybe more and still growing. The rules list gets looking confusing already, hence I would need some kind of let’s say categories within the rules or any other means of finding my way through the comprehensive list. Any ideas?
    My wishes 6) to  9) above are already a good start for getting a better overview or handling of my rules but there could be more, right?

  3. Add a new action to the rule wizard: execute rule . This way I can get some rules chaining. Guess this would mean we would need a new kind of rule, something like a “sub-rule” or “child rule” that won’t be executed while receiving or sending an e-mail or both (see point 4 above). It’s only purpose is to be executed from within a parent rule.

  4. If you could add regular expressions to conditions and exceptions that would be fine, too.

You see I’m quite a power user of emClient. Those currently 90 rules handle about 10 e-mail accounts with nearly 150 aliases. For this reasons I desperately need more possibilities within the rules, the handling of them, and of course while defining new rules and modifying existing ones.

My initial request is now almost 11 months old and I would ask you not only to add new features to version 7 regarding the UI but add features for us pros, too!

I’m using the current version of the Beta, and it seems apparent that–for whatever reason–they have no intention of implementing simple, Outlook-style rules.  Even though I am a paid user, this is a deal-breaker for me.  Back to Outlook for me, unfortunately.  And since I’m the resident “computer expert” in my circle, I’m often asked for email client recommendations.  Until they fix the Rules issue, as much as I’d like to I just can’t recommend EMClient.

I bet there will be no changes after a upcoming v8 release, too - yes I intentionally wrote v8 :wink:

In version 7, unfortunately nothing has changed concerning rules.
I believe that all the above enhancement request are very valuable.
Is there any change in the foreseeable future to your knowledge?

Anyway I fully support these ideas.

I too think the current rule implementation is final - period.

There won’t be any further enhancements now and in any of the next releases. The devs and maybe other employees, too, think the way the rules currently work are good for us customers.

I switched from Thunderbird that had an almost perfect rule handling, to emClient, because for its CalDav/Carddav support. But obviously I did not had a very thorough look into the rules I think. Otherwise I would not have spent the money for a lifetime license. The current v7 does not give me any bargain.

Anyway, there are some further annoying issues within emClient. None of them really serious but nevertheless annoying. Those issues do not justify to give up emClient of course. The rules are an exception of this. Mssing features for pro-users would justify to abandon emClient again.

Unfortunately TheBat! does not support CalDav/CardDav at all or at least not very well and Mailbird does not offer any of those protocols either. Lets see what the future will bring us :slight_smile:

Some additons by another user:


It’s a pity to see what could be a super email client stagnate as passable. I was considering implementing emclient for our users in the company but fortunately spent some time browsing through these idea/issue forums to see what problems some users might have bumped into and if they would perhaps impact us as well.

The general lack of communication and definite yes/no answers from the developers really doesn’t reflect well on emclient considering quite a few of these posts also mention being paid customers and not freeloaders. Having a good, even a great product is useless if feedback and user ideas get left along the roadside to rot because the developers have chosen to make it look more sparkly.

Pro users are the users that end up recommending what clients get used in the  paying business scenarios and most pros are more worries about usability and features than bling and shine ui’s.

I will certainly not be suggesting emclient be used in place of outlook for our company going forwards despite the obvious savings.

ps. I registered just to post this - hopefully one day I can come back to the emclient website and find a well prices client with features like these that have all been implemented…

That’s it and because emClient is and was way behind Thunderbird I switched back to TB again two or three months ago. From time to time I visit those forums again and notice that nothing has changed so far. Even the ignorance of the developers that do not listen to their customers stayed the same. And as far as I noticed, too, there was no update since October 2016.

Running Thunderbird again I can use my own local e-mail server which emClient could never connect to because of strange errors. I have plenty of rules available and can even extend them. I’ve got unread counters over all folders, offline or online, no matter if it’s a root or a subfolder and many many more.One annoying thing emClient never offered is executing rules on incoming e-mail that have been read on other devices before. While Thunderbird handles them perfectly, I’m still waiting to see this feature in emClient for, guess it’s already two years now since I’ve asked for this. But there is more automatic archiving using and add-on in TB works like a charm, not that way emClient thinks it should work.

I cannot and will not recommend emClient anymore, nor do I use it.