Enhancement Request: Different New Mail task tray icon

I run eMClient next to Outlook at work and I would like to suggest a different “New Mail” icon in the task tray. It looks the same as the Outlook icon. I would like to visually look to see which client has new mail.

This is obviously not a huge deal, it would just be a convenience for me. Obviously if I catch the New Mail popup while I am at my desk it is easy to tell it is from eMClient - but if I am looking at monitor #3 and the popup is on monitor #1 I often miss it, or when I am on the phone, etc.

Again, nothing that will change the world and make it a better place, just a suggestion.


I can’t say that this will be done, but because it is planned to redesign whole eM Client then maybe this will be done also.

But as I have written I can’t guarantee it.


Thank you for your reply! I am looking forward to seeing where this product is going!