Endless waiting for mail download


From today, there was such a problem (previously everything worked fine).

One of my two accounts does not load mails. Constantly writes: “Synchronizng messages…” and “Download part of the message…,” (IMAP connection) and does not download anything. On the second account (the same server) - it works fine.
Also, both accounts work fine on other email clients (Spark and Outlook 2013).
Account Settings rechecked - the diagnosis does not give errors when connecting.
I tryed to recover eM Client - did not help.
eM Client version - 7.2.34666.0

The error appeared today, before the last 4 months everything was grate.

After 6 days situation not changed.
Maybe somebody meet same problem, or have any ideas how to fix it?


I’d recommend deleting the account and re-configuring it in Menu > Tools > Account > Add account to see if it helps.


Dear Russel, thank you for reply.

I delete account, and re-configuring it. But it not help.

I saw in log, that eM Client successfully synchronizng folders. But he can not synchronize messages. Endless synchronizng messages in folder INBOX without any errors.

Did you have other ideas?

This seems as wrongly set account - the autodiscover probably didn’t set it correctly. Send me please an email to: [email protected].


Russel, today I uninstall eM Client, and install again. Firstly problem was same, but then I choose IMAP SSL/TLS (outdated), and problem solved. eM Client Synchronizng completed successfully.

Strange, because befor uninstalling I tryed every types of SSL, and it doesnot help.

Any way for now problem is solved. Thank you very much for help.

Problem solved. It was an antivirus.