Endless DbRepair loop.

I have had endless trouble trying to get my installation going after it crashed.
I am sick of the poor ticket support system and am now putting on record that my eM client has crashed and loops endlessly into DbRepair.
I am NOT getiing the Pro support I need… On re-installing, the client informed me that my licence does not permit me to update as support recommended. After duly paying my $19.90 I find that the system has not registered my update and prevents updating. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.
I am hoping someone from support will pick this thread up and attend to my tickets.

I have already talked with my colleague from VIP support - he will contact you soon.

Thanks eM for your assistance.

So it turned out to be a corrupt database beyond repair. Support remote-linked with Team Viewer and spent almost 2 hours on my machine trying to recover my mail.

Full marks for the effort guys!

As soon as my system is done catching up my lost mail, I will post my findings under a new topic - hopefully it will save someone the agony I went through.

Thanks George!