Enable events with equal start and enddate

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eM client doesn’t allow the same start and enddate for an event, while all other email clients I can think of support this.
If I create an event on my iPhone for example with the same start and enddate, eM client is able to display the event though.

This eM oversight is both sad and incomprehensible, I can’t believe I’m the first to post a reply. This is such a huge oversight that people have been complaining about it in other forum topics for years! Most all other email/calendar clients support this and many users are asking for it. Sometimes a zero-time-duration event is a really valuable feature, and task is not what you want. Say my brother arrives at 3pm - I WANT TO PUT THAT ON MY CALENDAR - with no duration. Simple, end of story, just let people use the Calendar the way they want to and stop telling us that we’re wrong to ask for that feature (I’m referring to all the eM employee posts that say this is “not an issue, just use a Task or 1-minute event.”) In the forums, eM employees always seem to “justify” their current implementation and discount users requests, rather than see that other people may choose to work differently than they do!

I’m a paying customer and it sucks to be unable to alter events created on a normal platform, like iOS, with support for events with the same start- and enddate…

I was about to submit this as a request too. The maddening thing is that technically it should be trivial to implement (like a few minutes’ work): it just needs a developer to remove the time comparison check routine (the software already prevents the end time coming earlier than the start time). Come on eMC, just do it!