Enable calender hyperlinks and font formations

Is there a way to enable calender works like outlook calendar? With autom. hyperlink recognition and activation and font formatting? eM Client is great, but I miss this outlook features. Thanks.

No one? This is really not to configurein eM Client?

I am sorry, but it is not possible.

Hi George,

+1 with that. This should be possible in a simple way.

On the one hand you are right: Hyperlinks like florian showed in the image want work while CalDAV descriptions are text only.

On the other hand: Its not to give the user formatting options. Its just that you can insert any text looking like a hyperlink (ex: s.th. starting with http://, mailto:// etc.) and the editor will display it underlined and blue and handle the link if clicked.

E. g. type “Reference info taken from Foobar (http://foobar.com/eg)““) and the link should be maintained while displaying the description.

That way, thinks would be much easier for many kind of linked information (no cut and paste to the browser) while stil maintaining text only format on the storage side (.vcf).

As far as I know this input box behaviour is part of nearly every dev environment.

Give it a try.

We will consider it!

What is the result of considering it for 9 months?

Hypertext will be automatic in 6th version (already implementing in non public Alpha), formatting is not planned at the moment.

with regards

It works in 6.0.19404 (Beta 2)

thank you for informing us about your issue.