Empty trash on exit


I, and many others, have asked you to add an “Empty trash on exit” feature
for several years now. I guess this is not directly an advanced feature.
And you have promised time and again to add it in the next version.

Why nothing happens?

I will discuss it with our developers and will inform you of the result ASAP.

Yep. Would be good.

still no answer on this new feature implementation ?

It will be implemented in the next major version 5.5.

Thanks George; considering that we are now on 5.0, can you please tell me roughly when that will be?

You can expect it in a few months (2-3).

thanks for the reply.

Would be great!

It is a bit delayed but you can expect it in the mid October.

better later than never :slight_smile:

It’s mid October now. Hello?

Carolyn, I reverted to Thunderbird; simply because they are too restrictive with having the free client with limited accounts and the paid client only with one machine per license.

If they had at least 2 machines per license for the paid version then I would have kept using this software.

Simply my opinion of course.

I was on Thunderbird but read recently it is going to be phased out soon. I use other MS software and will be switching to the new outlook shortly anyway - 10.00 per month up to 5 devices including mobile app. Not sure how they will handle it when people buy new devices though, so it could be problematic in the future. There are no good answers it seems!

I use Thunderbird 24 and as far as I am aware it will not phased out; however EM client is of course better that that but I really find their restriction too hard for me that as a software developer I have to sync 4 machines :slight_smile:


delete trash on exit will definitely be in 6th version.

with regards

Thanks John,

when you plan to release it ?


It should be out before autumn ends.

with regards

Hi John,

so that mean before the 21st of December ? :slight_smile:


well ye, but current plan it until end of november :slight_smile:

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