Empty trash of items older than x days

In my past email client there was an awesome option to purge items in the trash that were older than x number of days. This was so handy. I can not find this anywhere in eM Client. Is this something that could be added? Or at least make it possible via a rule.

Thanks! I really like eM Client! It is the best!

Hello Brian, this is unfortunately not possible but we’ll consider improving this for future releases. However note this is often an online option available in your mail server (webmail) settings, that either allows you to archive your items regularly or empty the trash regularly based on a setup interval.


Thanks Paul. Yes, some online accounts can do this. However I use eM Client for about a dozen email accounts on different systems so being able to do this in one place makes the most sense. This is the one feature I miss from Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

Unfortunately we only have the option to empty trash after the application is closed, which should allow you to get rid of emails that have already been processed on your account, as I suggested we’ll try to improve this in future releases, unfortunately this is currently not an available option.