Empty messages?

I’m testing eM Client and like what I see so far.  I have an Exchange account and an IMAP account.  I’m on version 6.0.21372.0

For some reason, many of my IMAP messages show up in the message list and open, but have no content.  Sometimes messages from the same sender will show content, while others do not.

Unsafe content blocking is totally disabled while I track this issue, to no avail. 

Messages that show up blank in eM are fine in Outlook.

Hi Tim, can you please send me an exported example message that doesn’t display the expected content to my email, mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic?

Export the message by drag and dropping it onto a new message or by forwarding the message as attachment.

Thank you,

I’m seeing this issue consistently and I’m not sure if it is related. I just upgrade to v7. I open a message from any account (O365 or gmail) and the content portion is completely blank even though the header is present.

Hello Jerry,
the issues might have similar outcome but might not be relates, as this is a much older version and a relatively old thread.
Please make new thread (or find a more recent one) next time you encounter an issue, as that way we’ll find your query sooner.

Is there any error message in the Tools>Operations>Error or Log window when you try to load your message?

Does this issue happen with certain senders or certain mail size?