Empty mail from Thunderbird


When I give forwarded HTML mails from Thunderbid v.78.4.0. (from older version TB is work normally)
I see what the sender wrote and the forwarded mail details (who send, from, for who, when etc.) but I not see the forwarded message.
If I see the mail source I see the text.
I have stated something (sorry I did it 3 months ago, I don’t remember) in EM and after receiving all the letters as text I can see the forwarded part as well but I need see the HTML mails.
What should I change to see HTML emails again?
EM Client 7.2.34959.0

I have test this Scenariao, i have no problems with text oder html mails. Sorry, coulnd’t help you

Best regards David

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@1lluminate, I too could not reproduce it, but then I am not using eM Client 7.2.

Maybe it was a bug that has since been fixed with the release of version 8.

@Met, if you want to continue with version 7, there are more recent releases in the Release History. Try installing one of those and see if there is any difference. Otherwise, consider upgrading to 8.1.

Oh I’m sorry, ich forgot, i didin’t use eM Clien 7.2, I use Version 8.1979

No problem. It is good to know that we both tested it in version 8, and found that it is not a problem.