Empty Local Folders after upgrade

I upgraded to the current EM download version (7.2.38732) and did check “Show local folders” but all Local Folders are now empty.

I did run DbRepair.exe, but they’re still empty.

From which version did you upgrade?

I don’t remember. It may well have been the same version. I saw on the release notes versions 8 were out, but when I downloaded the current one it was still 7.2.38732.

Please let me know how to recuperate all my archived mail.

Did you maybe change the database location?

No, it’s still in where it should be.

No, did you change the database location in eM Client settings? 

You will find this setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage. It should point to the original directory where the database was before you upgraded.

No, it’s still the same.

Was it maybe something different before the upgrade?

I don’t think so. Before the upgrade I looked it up to make sure the database was in the right place when I realized the Inbox local folder was missing 2 years of emails (I posted the problem but got no reply). So I decided to upgrade, thinking that would solve it.

In the event it was somewhere else you can search for a unique file in the database. Snippets.dat is unique, so see if there is another directory on your computer that has that file.

If there is, change the eM Client setting to point to that directory, then restart eM Client.

Or is it that all your settings and accounts were there, and it was just the Local Folders that were empty?

Snippets.dat is in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

All my settings and accounts were there, it was just the Local Folders that were empty.

The only thing I noticed was that in Account my email appeared twice. I removed one instance.

If the one you removed was POP3, that would have permanently deleted the messages as well.

Your only solution may be to restore from your last backup.

I never used POP3. Besides, I noticed the local folders were empty right after upgrade, before I deleted the duplicated email account.

What I don’t understand is the the data is there, in mail_data.dat. Can’t I upload it? I don’t need the archived messages to be visible in the main EM window, it could be a different application.

The mail_data.dat file will be there whether there are messages or not in the Local Folders. 

Best to just restore then all the Local Folders will be there again.

I have a May 2019 backup. If I restore it won’t I loose all mail since then?

Here is a way to get that May data back into your current database.

What you need to do is make a backup now, let’s call it backup1, then disconnect from the Internet and restore your backup from May 2019. Once that is done, export the Local Folders, then restore backup1. Reconnect to the Internet, and import the Local Folders you exported.

Going forward, if you are going to continue storing messages in Local Folders, enable eM Client’s automatic backup option.

I did create backup1, disconnect, and restored the old backup (350 MB), but the Local Folders are empty.

Then there is no data in the backup. 

This backup was done using eM Client’s own backup in Menu > File > Backup?

Here’s the backup. There is data there. It was done indeed using EM Backup.

That backup does not appear to contain the Local Folders.

It should look like this:

If you open the manifest.xml file in your backup, what version of eM Client is listed there as ?