Empty Junk Folder Question

I get a lot of fraudulent emails in my combined Junk E-Mail Folder as I am sure most of you do, and I use the wonderful “Empty Junk Folder” feature to get rid of them.

When I right-click my combined Junk E-Mail Folder and click on “Empty Junk Folder”, will the sender of those fraudulent emails receive any kind of feedback or information to let them know that I interacted and deleted their email?

The reason I am asking is because I seem to get additional fraudulent emails soon after I empty my junk folder and I want to make sure those fraudulent senders don’t even know I am doing anything with their emails.

No. They will not know.

Emptying the Junk folder is just permanently deleting the messages. No links within the messages are followed, nor are any replies or unsubscriptions sent back to the sender.

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You can also use the new feature in version 9 to delete Junk on exit.

If you set this to 0, all Junk will be immediately emptied when you close the application without you having to view it.