Empty file when drag and dropping an attachment from a mail to an application

I’m new to eM Client and I noticed that when I drag and drop an attachment from a mail to an application like Google Chrome, the file transferred is empty. This has caused me to send a few empty pdfs.
I don’t know if its a bug or if I can change a settings to make it work properly.

Are you trying to drag an attachment from emc into webmail ?

No, I tried to drag to my school website, and I also tried on Nextcloud. The websites are not the problem because it works on Outlook.

Dragging attachments directly out of eM Client to a web based program / application or even other mail clients doesn’t normally work.

What you currently do is drag the eM Client attachment (first to your desktop) and then (drag it to your web based application).

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Ok, I am going to open a feature request because this is something that can be done in Thunderbird and Outlook. So it must be possible.

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