Empty content in few mails


im testing the eM Client since a few weeks. It happens very often that I get mails withot any content. If I regard these mails on my smartphone the content appears. Whats my mistake ?

Thank you.


Check that you “don’t have the option enabled” to (read all messages in plain text) via “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” as per 1st screenshot example below.

If you don’t have the above option enabled, then might be you have a specific eM Client “Theme enabled” (like the Dark Theme) that may not always show every specific email correctly. The “Classic and System” are standard themes which should normally show all emails ok. You can access themes via “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”.

I personally use the Dark Theme, and only have an issue with “Google Play receipts” email due to the way Google create the email. For those i view them in Gmail online.

If trying different Themes still makes no difference, then sounds like the senders emails is in eg: some sort of custom non standard email format and you may need to view those emails via webmail.

The option is not checked. So I changed to a standard theme, but the mails have no content. This behavior is not acceptaple. I went back to Thunderbird.

Ok. Do you know what email program the sender uses where those emails won’t show content in eM Client ?