.eml files saved in local folders lose date modifed and not seachable in Windows 11

Hello, I’ve recently moved my files and folders from a Windows 10 to 11 computer. I had a folder with 100s of WML .eml emails saved in it which had the modified date of when I saved them, which I could search by as well as searching by content. These files moved to the Windows 11 Explorer folder just fine still with their modified date. I started using EmC and made it my default .eml opener. It opens these files fine. Today I searched for a customer’s emails in this Windows Explorer folder and ALL the dates of the ALL the .eml files changed to today and time of search and the search failed to find the search term (which it did contain many times).

Can anyone advise me how to stop the modified date changing when search .eml files and how to search with their contents. I’ve checked that the search feature in Windows 11 is set to search .eml files and it is ticked as having a ‘MIME filter’ search whatever that means, and is set to search properties and file contents.

Very grateful for any help!